Moluccella Laevis

Also known as Shell Flowers

*Availablility- all year round

*Colors- green only

Oh the bells of Ireland, this is a favorite flower of my mother-in-law as she is married to an Irishmen. She gets so excited when she sees these and usually breaks out into some Irish song or other.

These beauties are the brightest green flower and are such a great addition to so many kinds of arrangements. I find that bright green really brings out the other colors that it is placed next to- a complimentary duo.

picture-47photo credit- http://www.shannonallenphotography.com This picture is from a wedding a did a couple of weeks ago. Stay tuned for a Real Weddings blog post on it.

Ironically Bells of Ireland are not from Ireland at all, they get their name because of their fantastic green color. They are grown for the fresh cut industry in Columbia and California.

picture-48photo credit- http://www.thebridescafe.com

These girls look so cute in their black and white dresses and all Bells of Ireland bouquets.

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