Paeonia Lactiflora

*Availability- March, April, May and June. Sometimes seen in the fall.

*Colors- White, Pink, Red, Magenta, Burgundy, Peach, Yellow and Coral.

Ah, the sweet smell of peonies! To me they look like a GIANT rose with tons of petals, they are so incredibly feminine. Right now is the strong season for peonies (around Mother’s Day).


photo credit- Brian Adams Photo

The peony or “Paeon” was named after the Greek god of medicine and healing. It is also the traditional floral symbol for Mongolia and China.

I don’t use peonies very often because they are SO expensive, I happen to be using them this weekend in a wedding. My bride loves peonies but to do an entire wedding of them would have blown her budget. I suggested to her that we just use them in her bridal bouquet and use cabbage roses for rest of her wedding. Cabbage roses are large and have a high petal count so they look a lot like a peony without the high price.

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