Today on trendy Monday I am going to talk about an obvious trend (or maybe it’s just obvious to me), hand-tied bouquets.

picture-4photo credit- RebeccaBouckPhotography .Hand-tied bouquets are bouquets that are gathered to form a handle, wrapped at this gathering point with ribbon and the stems are commonly left exposed.

cascadebouquetThis picture is of a typical 80’s cascade bouquet. Long gone are the days of the cascade bouquet (well almost), I still do get asked to do them every once in a blue moon.

uglylacebouquetCascade bouquets are commonly made in a plastic holder and in the 1980’s they often had a “lacey” collar as seen in this picture- yikes!

marthastewartcascadeNow this bouquet from Martha Stewart would be a more modern version of a cascade bouquet. Because it is Martha Stewart, I’m sure this bouquet was probably individually wired, instead of being made in a holder, to achieve that cascade look. Wow, this bouquet is absolutely gorgeous! I wouldn’t mind trying to re-create this.

A more natural “hand-tied” look has been in style for quite some time now. I would say that in the 10 years that I’ve been doing wedding flowers I could count on 1 hand how many cascade bouquets I have done. When I do do them I usually charge much more for them as they are quite labor intensive. And thanks to my sister in California (who went to floral school when they were in style) I have been schooled on the correct way to make one.

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