Ron & Kelly

We were pleased to work with our friends Ron and Kelly to help make their wedding just that much more special.

We created a fun series of bouquets for Kelly and her bridesmaids. They were inspired by the garden environment where the reception was held. The bouquets featured dahlia, veronica, hydrangea, ranunculus, delphinium, succulents and garden roses. Kelly’s bouquet included a locket that added both a bit of romance and whimsy.

Ron and his men looked dapper. We used succulent boutonnieres as a tie in to Kelly’s bouquet.

The reception was outside at a private resort in Paradise Valley, AZ. The guests were seated at a single long table. We used a burlap runner to center the flowers. On that, we placed rough-hewn wood slabs that we used as a base for the flowers. The hydrangea and mixed rose centerpieces were held in mason jars, keeping with the casual/outdoorsy feel.


Special thanks to Sunshine & Reign Photography for the use of the photos!

Floral Friday: Viburnum

Hello and welcome to Floral Friday! Today I am talking about the beautiful green flower viburnum.

viburnum_snowballI continually get brides that confuse hydrangea and viburnum, they do look very much alike. Hydrangea has a much larger head and has larger leaves. Viburnum ( in the fresh cut industry) comes only in green, hydrangea comes in a multitude of colors.

Viburnum’s season starts in January and goes through spring. It’s on the expensive side but it doesn’t take much to add beauty to any arrangement. It’s a flower with woody stems so I was taught to smash the ends of the stem after cutting to ensure that the flower drinks properly.

viburnumbouquetCheck out this gorgeous bouquet from Brides.com I love the mix with roses and stephanotis.


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Floral Friday: Hydrangea

Welcome to Floral Friday, today I am talking about the ever so beautiful and fluffy flower hydrangea.


Hydrangea is so wonderful to work with, it fills large spaces so beautifully and is always such a gorgeous addition to any arrangement. I often like to create a bridal bouquet with hydrangea as a base, then I pull all other flowers through the hydrangea. In this way the hydrangea is everywhere in the bouquet and the other flowers just pop with their colors.

One of my wholesalers pointed out something for me years ago- look at the prefix of the word hydrangea and you will find hydra (to hydrate). Boy is this ever true, hydrangea loves and needs to be in water to survive. When doing bouquets with hydrangea I often adivise the use of a bouquet holder, this simply allows the hydrangea to keep drinking throughout the day and evening so that it lasts much longer for you.

101_2418Hydrangea from the bucket…….

101_2552into the cake………well not really into, the pastry chef put extra frosting inside those layers to hold the hydrangea in place for me. This is a picture from a wedding I did last weekend, I will post the photographers photos soon, this was such a beautiful wedding to work on.

101_2290In this photo I used white hydrangea as a base, isn’t it so fluffy!

Hydrangea comes in white, green, blue, purple, pink and multi-colored. The multi-colored Hydrangea is seasonal and tends to be much more expensive because its’ production is low.

Have great weekend and I will see you back on Monday for all the latest wedding trends. P.S. My season is starting to come to an end here in Phoenix so join me as I travel to California at the end of May to do three fantastic weddings with my incredibly talented sister from Petals by Candy.

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