Roses roses roses, when I first became a florist I said “I don’t want to be typical and use roses for weddings all of the time”. Over the years my love for roses have grown and I can now truly say that they are one of my favorite flowers to work with.


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There are so many different shapes, sizes and colors of roses. Almost all of the colors of the rainbow but blue and purple although there are roses that are died to be these colors but we won’t talk about those.

Here are some of my favorites-

picture-2Black Magic from Ecuador- this rose is really big, has a high petal count and is a velvety burgundy color.

picture-3 Polo- this rose is extremely large, has such a high petal count it looks like a cabbage rose when it’s fully open and is a gorgeous creamy white.

picture-41Cherry Brandy- the color of this rose is so amazing! It’s a bi-colored pink rose with a citrus/orange center. I have used this rose many times for bridal shows that I have done and people ask me time and time again if it’s real or artificial.

picture-51Ranuncula- the name of this rose is a little confusing because a ranuncula is actually another type of flower. They must have named it ranuncula because it sort of looks like one. I love to order this gorgeous rose from my favorite rose grower Eufloria.

At one time I really thought roses were overused but now that I’ve realized that there is such a wide variety out there it is so much fun to explore the world of roses.

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