wedding flowers

Ron & Kelly

We were pleased to work with our friends Ron and Kelly to help make their wedding just that much more special.

We created a fun series of bouquets for Kelly and her bridesmaids. They were inspired by the garden environment where the reception was held. The bouquets featured dahlia, veronica, hydrangea, ranunculus, delphinium, succulents and garden roses. Kelly’s bouquet included a locket that added both a bit of romance and whimsy.

Ron and his men looked dapper. We used succulent boutonnieres as a tie in to Kelly’s bouquet.

The reception was outside at a private resort in Paradise Valley, AZ. The guests were seated at a single long table. We used a burlap runner to center the flowers. On that, we placed rough-hewn wood slabs that we used as a base for the flowers. The hydrangea and mixed rose centerpieces were held in mason jars, keeping with the casual/outdoorsy feel.


Special thanks to Sunshine & Reign Photography for the use of the photos!

Real Weddings: Andrea and Joe

It was such a joy to work with Andrea on her and Joe’s big day this past spring. I just got these fantastic pictures from an awesome photographer here in Arizona, Harold of To Have and To Hold Photography, what a great job he did capturing the wonderful spirit of that day.

It all took place at The Princess Hotel here in Scottsdale. Their ceremony was overlooking a lagoon and boy was it a romantic atmosphere.

We did a ring of petals in cream and yellow for the bride and groom to stand in. This is becoming quite popular for outdoor weddings here in Arizona; people do not want to do too much to take away from the beautiful surroundings.

These arrangements were made on dark chocolate bamboo sticks and made a beautiful frame for the bride and groom.

The floral recipe that Andrea and I came up with turned out pretty stunning. We chose miniature calla lilies, gardenias (my favorite flower), yellow cymbidium orchids, yellow oncidium orchids, yellow mokara orchids, tulips, freesia and bright white hydrangea. This wedding was a lot of fun to do, thanks Andrea, my staff and I had a great time.

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Real Weddings: Alyson and Dave

I had the pleasure of providing wedding flowers for Alyson this past spring season and what a sweetheart she was. The wedding took place at The McCormick Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale and what a beautiful day it was.

Her primary color was pink with accents of cream and green. We decided to do something different for her centerpieces and add limes underwater- how adorable! Enjoy the fantastic pictures taken by Jennifer at O Grace Photography, what a talent she and her photographers are.


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Floral Friday: Gerber Daisy

The gerber daisy is one of my favorite whimsical flowers, it’s ideal for a more casual look.


They come in so many different colors- white, cream, light yellow to bright yellow, peach to bright orange, bright red to dark burgundy and light pink to bright pink. When ordering them you can also specify whether you would like the center to be black or light.


This is a common way they are shipped. Usually by the time I get a hold of them they are somewhat dehydrated and their necks are very weak. At this point I pull them from the box, dip them in an acid solution and then place them in water with floral conditioner (food) in it. I have to be very careful when they are weak not to let them hang over the side of a bucket because once they start drinking water and firming up, their necks are permanently stuck in whatever position they have been placed in. One way to deal with this is to pull chicken wire over the top of the bucket, then drop your daisies into the water and let the chicken wire hold up their heads. In an arrangement they either need to be wired or gerber sleeves need to be placed on them because their heads are so heavy they can droop quickly.


Cute idea for a glass container.


This was a centerpiece I did for a wedding last fall at Circle Bar Ranch with the ever-so talented wedding planner Cicely of Life Design Events. It’s featured in the current issue of Arizona Bride, check out the full article.

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