I thought I would talk a little about one of the trends I am seeing in the wedding world- really casual weddings. Here are some great pictures I have found to show you a little bit of what I mean.

Let’s start with one of my favorites- casual shoes.

Look at these converse cuties for the bride from photographer Carrie Davenport.

Or how about this one of the groom and all of his groomsmen in converse from Geoff White.

Casual settings- I just love the look of this barn! And how it’s so dressed up with gorgeous fabric, who wouldn’t want to spend some time at this wedding?

Casual food- Miniature grilled cheese sandwiches and miniature hamburgers? What’s not to love? This makes me want to get married all over again. I just love the idea of serving casual food at an extraordinary event. Photo credit- Martha Stewart Weddings.

Casual cakes- All I have to say about this one is HOW ADORABLE. This makes my inner seamstress smile (wish my inner seamstress actually knew how to sew). Photo credit- Wedding Dresses Magazine.

Casual dresses- Not only do I love how informal these dresses are………I love that they don’t exactly match. I also love the fact that the colors are all so subtle. Photo credit- Aubergine Ink.

Thanks for joining me for this Trendy Monday.

Warm regards lovelies,