Ron & Kelly

We were pleased to work with our friends Ron and Kelly to help make their wedding just that much more special.

We created a fun series of bouquets for Kelly and her bridesmaids. They were inspired by the garden environment where the reception was held. The bouquets featured dahlia, veronica, hydrangea, ranunculus, delphinium, succulents and garden roses. Kelly’s bouquet included a locket that added both a bit of romance and whimsy.

Ron and his men looked dapper. We used succulent boutonnieres as a tie in to Kelly’s bouquet.

The reception was outside at a private resort in Paradise Valley, AZ. The guests were seated at a single long table. We used a burlap runner to center the flowers. On that, we placed rough-hewn wood slabs that we used as a base for the flowers. The hydrangea and mixed rose centerpieces were held in mason jars, keeping with the casual/outdoorsy feel.


Special thanks to Sunshine & Reign Photography for the use of the photos!

Real Weddings: Sherri and Jason


I love theme weddings! The theme for Sherri and Jason’s wedding was spheres and it was a blast to create.

To start, Sherri wanted a sphere for her bridal bouquet instead of a traditional hand-held arrangement. Her colors were bright orange, hot pink and red.

Her girls were straight out of the 1960’s, perfect for the setting at the oh-so-trendy and cool Valley Ho Resort.  I used Gerber Daisies and painted Billy Balls for her girls bouquets, each one carrying flowers that matched their dress.

The ceremony was set in the round to continue Sherri’s theme.

Enjoy these fun photos brought to you by EME Photography.

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Floral Friday: Nerine Lily

Nerine Hybrids

Also known as Guernsey Lily, Spider Lily, Cape Flower, Jersey Lily, Japanese Lily

*Availability- all year

*Colors- white, redish-orange, deep red and pink

This pretty little flower is native to the mountains of South Africa. The Nerine Lily has a subtle scent and is a good choice when Asiatic or Oriental lily’s are too large.

Check out this gorgeous bouquet with Nerine Lily’s and  Phaleonopsis Orchids from TheKnot.

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Real Weddings: Carla and Brandon

What a pleasure it was working with Carla and Brandon. I have to say, Carla’s sweet laugh was infectious. As I was working around the beautiful grounds of Sassi, I could hear her laughing and it was making my assistant and I smile and laugh so much. This is one of the great perks of my job, to be around such happiness all of the time. I am so grateful.

Please enjoy these beautiful photographs brought to you by Michelle Meyer Photography.

What a sweet ride!

Her girls bouquets were made of peonies, purple hydrangea, freesia, cabbage roses and lisianthus. Carla’s bouquet had the same flowers but in an all white version.

What a sweet little flower girl! Adorned with a custom head wreath and floral basket created by yours truly.

Hand picked luscious table linens by BBJ Linens.

Thanks for checking out another custom creation by White Poppy Floral.

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Floral Friday: Craspedia

Craspedia Globosa

Also known as Globe Yarrow, Billy Balls

*Availability- all year round except for parts of March and August.

*Colors- yellow only

Craspedia belong to the daisy family and are native to Australia and New Zealand. These cute little balls are so much fun to work with. They really add a whimsical quality to arrangements.

Check out this great craspedia bouquet, how adorable! When I am blogging sometimes I find myself out in the internet world admiring so much great talent. These pictures are from a fabulous photographer in Utah named Rebekah Westover. If you are getting married in the Utah area please check her out, her photography is amazing.

I love the ball theme of this wedding, these two make balloons look cool. Great job Rebekah! You’ve got talent girl.

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Bragspot: Beautiful Carly


This past February I had the honor of designing a party for my niece Carly. In the Jewish tradition when a boy or a girl turns 13, they celebrate a right of passage called a Bat Mitzvah (for a girl) or a Bar Mitzvah (for a boy).

The night began with a religious ceremony where Carly read from the Torah along with her Cantor. It was so beautiful to see her up there singing in Hebrew. She worked tirelessly for over a year to get ready for this special evening.


Here is a picture of the whole family- we were all looking pretty good that day.


Now lets get down to the decor! It all started with an inspirational perfume by Gwen Stefani called “Love” that Carly just adores. The little figure is a harajuku girl from Japan. A harajuku is a young person in Japan that is into the social and fashion scene.

So we took the hot pink, black, and the black and white check and we ran with it. We added some yellow and turquoise for pizzaz and here’s a look at the big party.

This is a wide angle of the reception. We covered the high lofted ceiling with giant hot pink Chinese lanterns.

Here is a close up of the table scape. The base of the centerpiece was this turquoise hair-like fabric that looked like it belonged on Cookie Monster. Then we had three different sizes of yellow Chinese lanterns. Next were two black and white checked Chinese take-out boxes that were spilling Japanese candy. I was so proud to have found this fantastic candy that matched so perfectly! (from the local Chinese Cultural Center).

The top of the cupcake tower was the focal point of the whole party. I asked Barbara (cake designer extraordinaire) of Let Them Eat Cake to make an exact replica of our bottle of perfume. She did a phenomenal job!

Oh beautiful Carly, I am so proud to be your Aunt. Here is one of my favorite pictures of the night.

Thank you to Khristina Skalla for these fantastic photos. Her number is 602 330-2526

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Floral Friday: Peonies


Paeonia Lactiflora

*Availability- March, April, May and June. Sometimes seen in the fall.

*Colors- White, Pink, Red, Magenta, Burgundy, Peach, Yellow and Coral.

Ah, the sweet smell of peonies! To me they look like a GIANT rose with tons of petals, they are so incredibly feminine. Right now is the strong season for peonies (around Mother’s Day).


photo credit- Brian Adams Photo

The peony or “Paeon” was named after the Greek god of medicine and healing. It is also the traditional floral symbol for Mongolia and China.

I don’t use peonies very often because they are SO expensive, I happen to be using them this weekend in a wedding. My bride loves peonies but to do an entire wedding of them would have blown her budget. I suggested to her that we just use them in her bridal bouquet and use cabbage roses for rest of her wedding. Cabbage roses are large and have a high petal count so they look a lot like a peony without the high price.

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Floral Friday: Hyacinth

Hyacinthus Orientalis

*Availability- January, February, March, April, November and December.

*Colors- White, Blue, Lavender, Purple, Pink, Magenta, Peach and Yellow.

One of my favorite flowers is hyacinth (wait I say that for way too many flowers). The smell is intoxicating and STRONG so if you are allergic to flowers, this one would not be good for you to be around.

This is one of the many flowers I have the honor of working with in the springtime. I love to use them along with lots of other spring flowers, they make a powerful statement.

One more thing- I love to wire individual blooms and either accent a bouquet with them or make them into boutonnieres.

photo credit- Martha Stewart

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Floral Friday: Flowering Branches

Photo credit- Domino magazine.

Also known as Cherry, Pear and Quince.

*Availability- January, February, March, April and half of May.

*Special Care- obtain branches early because opening may take as long as 5 days.

Flowering branches are one of those flowers that have a short season. We really have to enjoy them while they are here because they are so seasonal and seem to go away so fast. I love these made two different ways- 1. all alone in a really tall vase or 2. adding them to a lush arrangement of flowers, sticking out of the arrangement slightly to give it a larger more full look.

Here they are in a vase all by themselves, so simple and so pretty.

photo credit- Martha Stewart

Happy Spring!

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