Trendy Monday

Trendy Monday: Casual Weddings

I thought I would talk a little about one of the trends I am seeing in the wedding world- really casual weddings. Here are some great pictures I have found to show you a little bit of what I mean.

Let’s start with one of my favorites- casual shoes.

Look at these converse cuties for the bride from photographer Carrie Davenport.

Or how about this one of the groom and all of his groomsmen in converse from Geoff White.

Casual settings- I just love the look of this barn! And how it’s so dressed up with gorgeous fabric, who wouldn’t want to spend some time at this wedding?

Casual food- Miniature grilled cheese sandwiches and miniature hamburgers? What’s not to love? This makes me want to get married all over again. I just love the idea of serving casual food at an extraordinary event. Photo credit- Martha Stewart Weddings.

Casual cakes- All I have to say about this one is HOW ADORABLE. This makes my inner seamstress smile (wish my inner seamstress actually knew how to sew). Photo credit- Wedding Dresses Magazine.

Casual dresses- Not only do I love how informal these dresses are………I love that they don’t exactly match. I also love the fact that the colors are all so subtle. Photo credit- Aubergine Ink.

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Trendy Monday: Colored Shoes For The Bride

Ok, we’ve seen it enough now that we can officially call it a trend.


The first time I saw it was in a wedding I did last fall at The Royal Palms.

picture-71Look at her fantastic hot pink shoes.

photo credit: Rebecca Bouck Photography

picture-8This inspiration board came from the oh so famous blog Snippet and Ink this past Tuesday. Look at the adorable yellow shoes on the top, colored shoes for brides are everywhere!


photo credit: One Fine Day Photography

These fantastic shoes are from a wedding I did a couple of weeks ago. Check out my upcoming Real Wedding blogpost on Andrea and Antonio.

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Trendy Monday: Roses

Roses roses roses, when I first became a florist I said “I don’t want to be typical and use roses for weddings all of the time”. Over the years my love for roses have grown and I can now truly say that they are one of my favorite flowers to work with.


photo credit

There are so many different shapes, sizes and colors of roses. Almost all of the colors of the rainbow but blue and purple although there are roses that are died to be these colors but we won’t talk about those.

Here are some of my favorites-

picture-2Black Magic from Ecuador- this rose is really big, has a high petal count and is a velvety burgundy color.

picture-3 Polo- this rose is extremely large, has such a high petal count it looks like a cabbage rose when it’s fully open and is a gorgeous creamy white.

picture-41Cherry Brandy- the color of this rose is so amazing! It’s a bi-colored pink rose with a citrus/orange center. I have used this rose many times for bridal shows that I have done and people ask me time and time again if it’s real or artificial.

picture-51Ranuncula- the name of this rose is a little confusing because a ranuncula is actually another type of flower. They must have named it ranuncula because it sort of looks like one. I love to order this gorgeous rose from my favorite rose grower Eufloria.

At one time I really thought roses were overused but now that I’ve realized that there is such a wide variety out there it is so much fun to explore the world of roses.

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Trendy Monday: Trendsetting Photographers

Welcome to Trendy Monday. Today I thought I would share the result of me snooping around the web and finding some fantastic photographers. The pictures are of floral, of course, to give us all some wedding inspiration. Enjoy!

And check out the websites of these photographers, they are amazing and they might just be in your area.

picture-101Wow what a beautiful bouquet! This is from New Mexico.

trendphotographer1Check out these sweet pea cuties from photographer Melissa Jill in Arizona.

flowersandfoodI love this one because it has flowers AND food, what a great shot from Kate of Juxtapose Photography, she is so fun and sassy. Check out her blog, she’s got talent.

hotpinkandredbouquetThis bouquet is so yummy…….check out Taylor Grey Photography in Michigan.

picture-12Look at this adorable button hole and paisley tie photo from Kristi Sneddon Photography in Canada.

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Trendy Monday: Wheat Grass

Hello and welcome to Trendy Monday or maybe I should call it Trendy Tuesday by now, I had such a fantastic Mothers Day weekend and consequently I’m running a little behind.

Anyway, I have been using wheat grass for parties and weddings for quite some time now and thought it should be recognized as a trend. It is so adorable and can be used in so many ways.

101_2556Here it is being used for the name cards at a recent wedding I did. Check out the cute gingham ribbon at the base.



101_2535I’ve found in working with the grass that it is best to put 1 inch styrofoam underneath to give it support otherwise it’s not as firm and harder to work with. Also, if your going to be putting water tubed flowers in it, it gives them the support they need- win win.

101_1483Here I used it for a centerpiece I did last year.

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Trendy Monday: Hand-Tied Bouquets vs Cascade Bouquets

Today on trendy Monday I am going to talk about an obvious trend (or maybe it’s just obvious to me), hand-tied bouquets.

picture-4photo credit- RebeccaBouckPhotography .Hand-tied bouquets are bouquets that are gathered to form a handle, wrapped at this gathering point with ribbon and the stems are commonly left exposed.

cascadebouquetThis picture is of a typical 80’s cascade bouquet. Long gone are the days of the cascade bouquet (well almost), I still do get asked to do them every once in a blue moon.

uglylacebouquetCascade bouquets are commonly made in a plastic holder and in the 1980’s they often had a “lacey” collar as seen in this picture- yikes!

marthastewartcascadeNow this bouquet from Martha Stewart would be a more modern version of a cascade bouquet. Because it is Martha Stewart, I’m sure this bouquet was probably individually wired, instead of being made in a holder, to achieve that cascade look. Wow, this bouquet is absolutely gorgeous! I wouldn’t mind trying to re-create this.

A more natural “hand-tied” look has been in style for quite some time now. I would say that in the 10 years that I’ve been doing wedding flowers I could count on 1 hand how many cascade bouquets I have done. When I do do them I usually charge much more for them as they are quite labor intensive. And thanks to my sister in California (who went to floral school when they were in style) I have been schooled on the correct way to make one.

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Trendy Monday: Wax Vessels

Hello and welcome to Trendy Monday. Today I’m talking about the trend of using wax vessels for ceremony or reception decor.


Look at these beautiful tall wax cylinders we used for a wedding last fall at The Royal Palms, they glow so nicely with a candle inside of them.


Here is a wider angle of them. You would definitely get a more dramatic effect at night but these were sure pretty, especially with the hot pink ribbon embellishment.


Here is an example of black wax vessels with flowers in them for a centerpiece. These are from a local company here in Arizona called Candles West, they have a great selection of shapes, sizes and colors.


Check out this gorgeous centerpiece (in a green wax vessel) offered by Camelback Flowershop, those girls really know how to do flowers.

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Trendy Monday: Floral Spheres

Welcome to Trendy Monday, today I am talking about the trend of using floral spheres in wedding floral decor.

I love the idea of using spheres in floral design! I think the look is so clean, modern and simple- like polka dots. Iv’e hung spheres from arbors, made sphere topiarys for centerpieces, created sphere topiary altar arrangements, made sphere kissing balls for flower girls, hung floral spheres from shepherd hooks down a ceremony isle and I’m about to make a kissing ball sphere on a stick for a flower girl (wedding coming up in two weeks). Here are some great examples of floral spheres, enjoy.


I love this rose ball for pew arrangements.


This is a great way to decorate an arbor for weddings.


Love the little girls and their kissing balls.


This is a fun idea for a centerpiece.

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Trendy Monday: Rose Petals

Petals down the isle is a very popular trend for weddings. Iv’e seen it over and over in many bridal magazines and get requests for it all the time (almost every wedding). I offer it in 3 different ways- scattered petals down the isle, two lines of petals (like the outside lines of an isle runner) down the isle, or petals in some sort of pattern.




This gorgeous ceremony was created by fellow blogger and florist Kristin Brancaleone of The Treasured Petal Blog. I read her blog and love to see what fantastic things she’s up to.

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