Welcome to Trendy Monday. Today I thought I would share the result of me snooping around the web and finding some fantastic photographers. The pictures are of floral, of course, to give us all some wedding inspiration. Enjoy!

And check out the websites of these photographers, they are amazing and they might just be in your area.

picture-101Wow what a beautiful bouquet! This is http://www.twinlensimages.com from New Mexico.

trendphotographer1Check out these sweet pea cuties from photographer Melissa Jill in Arizona.

flowersandfoodI love this one because it has flowers AND food, what a great shot from Kate of Juxtapose Photography, she is so fun and sassy. Check out her blog, she’s got talent.

hotpinkandredbouquetThis bouquet is so yummy…….check out Taylor Grey Photography in Michigan.

picture-12Look at this adorable button hole and paisley tie photo from Kristi Sneddon Photography in Canada.

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