This past February I had the honor of designing a party for my niece Carly. In the Jewish tradition when a boy or a girl turns 13, they celebrate a right of passage called a Bat Mitzvah (for a girl) or a Bar Mitzvah (for a boy).

The night began with a religious ceremony where Carly read from the Torah along with her Cantor. It was so beautiful to see her up there singing in Hebrew. She worked tirelessly for over a year to get ready for this special evening.


Here is a picture of the whole family- we were all looking pretty good that day.


Now lets get down to the decor! It all started with an inspirational perfume by Gwen Stefani called “Love” that Carly just adores. The little figure is a harajuku girl from Japan. A harajuku is a young person in Japan that is into the social and fashion scene.

So we took the hot pink, black, and the black and white check and we ran with it. We added some yellow and turquoise for pizzaz and here’s a look at the big party.

This is a wide angle of the reception. We covered the high lofted ceiling with giant hot pink Chinese lanterns.

Here is a close up of the table scape. The base of the centerpiece was this turquoise hair-like fabric that looked like it belonged on Cookie Monster. Then we had three different sizes of yellow Chinese lanterns. Next were two black and white checked Chinese take-out boxes that were spilling Japanese candy. I was so proud to have found this fantastic candy that matched so perfectly! (from the local Chinese Cultural Center).

The top of the cupcake tower was the focal point of the whole party. I asked Barbara (cake designer extraordinaire) of Let Them Eat Cake to make an exact replica of our bottle of perfume. She did a phenomenal job!

Oh beautiful Carly, I am so proud to be your Aunt. Here is one of my favorite pictures of the night.

Thank you to Khristina Skalla for these fantastic photos. Her number is 602 330-2526

Warm regards,