cymbidium orchid

Real Weddings: Andrea and Joe

It was such a joy to work with Andrea on her and Joe’s big day this past spring. I just got these fantastic pictures from an awesome photographer here in Arizona, Harold of To Have and To Hold Photography, what a great job he did capturing the wonderful spirit of that day.

It all took place at The Princess Hotel here in Scottsdale. Their ceremony was overlooking a lagoon and boy was it a romantic atmosphere.

We did a ring of petals in cream and yellow for the bride and groom to stand in. This is becoming quite popular for outdoor weddings here in Arizona; people do not want to do too much to take away from the beautiful surroundings.

These arrangements were made on dark chocolate bamboo sticks and made a beautiful frame for the bride and groom.

The floral recipe that Andrea and I came up with turned out pretty stunning. We chose miniature calla lilies, gardenias (my favorite flower), yellow cymbidium orchids, yellow oncidium orchids, yellow mokara orchids, tulips, freesia and bright white hydrangea. This wedding was a lot of fun to do, thanks Andrea, my staff and I had a great time.

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Floral Friday: Cymbidium Orchids

Hello and welcome to Floral Friday, today I am talking about the tropical flower cymbidium orchid.


I would like to start by introducing you to my best kept secret, Mario Scalia (12 years in the biz).

101_2436Mario is my main man when it comes to buying and ordering wholesale flowers. He works at one of my favorite places to buy wholesale, Dougherties on 3rd Ave and Roosevelt here in Phoenix, Arizona. The quality of flowers that they carry are exceptional! And they are one of the very few that carries my all time favorites, Eufloria roses. Building a relationship with a wholesaler is SO important in my business. He is my life-line between grower and wholesaler. He keeps me posted on changes related to weather, season and just about anything else related to flowers around the entire world. Most important to me, he keeps me posted on the status of my orders- he alerts me of color issues, my flowers might be coming in a day earlier or later, the flowers might be smaller or larger because of the time of year, etc etc. Communication is so important, I believe, because honesty is really the best policy.

I’ve asked Mario to talk to me a little bit about cymbidium orchids and here is what he said “We have three main growers that we work with that are in New Zealand, Holland and domestically in California. We get flowers from New Zealand in our fall, from California in the spring and from Holland year round.”


Here is one of my beautiful brides Andrea from this spring with yellow cymbidium orchids in her bridal bouquet.

Mario also told me that cymbidium orchids come in white, pink, yellow, gold, chocolate, burgundy, orange and green. There are variations of grades, they either come 6-7 blooms on a stalk or 12-15 blooms on a stalk.


Here they are being individually wired for centerpieces and bouquets.


Also check out miniature cymbidium orchids, they are so cute and tiny. This bouquet has burgundy miniature cymbidiums and came from Lindsay Docherty Photography. She’s in Pennsylvania, check out her photographs and blog, they are both amazing.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

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