Welcome to Floral Friday! Today I’m talking about the oh so beautiful phalaenopsis orchid.

picture-5The phalaenopsis orchids I am talking about today are the common ones that we use in the fresh cut industry. Most of these orchids are available year round because they’re grown in greenhouses where the environment is ideal for them (around 65-70 degrees with a lot of humidity). So this is the reason that we associate Hawaii with orchids- they love the climate.

picture-6photo credit- Rebecca Bouck Photography Here is a boutonniere that I did for a wedding at the fabulous Royal Palms resort this past fall.

The phalaenopsis orchid comes in a wide variety of colors but the most common colors that we see at the wholesalers are white and a purplish pink. Orchids in general are so fantastic for me to work with here in Phoenix because they do so well in the heat. And with temperatures heating up over 100 degrees this weekend, I am always looking to work with flowers that will cooperate and be happy.

When using phalaenopsis orchids you can choose to individually wire them or use the entire stem (they come on a stalk with multiple blooms).

picture-7Check out this amazing centerpiece from Martha Stewart. How pretty would this be for a wedding…

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