Bragspot: It’s great to be back

Hello everybody and thanks for your patience, it’s great to be back in the swing of blogging. This past June I was faced with some serious health problems with my son. It has been a trying summer but we are all doing much better now. I thought that my blog should take second fiddle for a while as my family is just too precious to me and needed all of my attention. Life has a way of mellowing out and I am glad to be back into the swing of life again with some healing time behind me.

Now onto some good stuff, like bragging…….he he.

I am pleased to announce that White Poppy has been featured in a national magazine, the summer issue of The Bride and Bloom.


I got a very exciting phone call this past spring from Liene Stevens of the ever-so-popular blog Blue Orchid Designs and owner of Splendid Communications. She asked me if I would like to collaborate with her on a photo shoot that involved the color yellow and featured lemons as a focal point. We decorated a rustic wood table with gorgeous trifle bowls filled with fresh flowers and lemons.





I was also asked to create an adorable bridal bouquet. Since our colors were predominately yellow, I chose daffodils to be my main flower, I also chose to wrap it with the cutest green gingham ribbon. This bad boy got a full page.


Well, once again glad to be back. So visit me this week for Floral Friday when I will be talking about an unusual flower called Chinese Lantern.

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Real Weddings: Andrea and Antonio

I had the pleasure of working with Andrea and Antonio this past spring. The wedding was held at The Fransiscan Renewal Center and The Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center. Andrea chose a mix of flowers that included rannunculas, roses, gerber daises, freesia, hyacinth and stock. She had almost all the colors of the rainbow except red. Andrea also had the oh so trendy colored shoes. Enjoy taking a peak………….









Thank you to the fabulous One Fine Day Photography for these great photos.

Here are a couple of shots I took in myself of this wedding.

101_2554The place card table was so cute.


101_2545A wand for the flower girl.

101_2561We did the centerpieces in galvanized buckets.

101_2562The sweetheart table was so “sweet”.

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Bragspot: Three real weddings and my trip to California

I just got back from doing 3 weddings with my ever so talented sister and florist extrodinare Candy of Petals Mission Viejo. I flew in on Wednesday, drove to her studio and hit the ground running. I was surrounded by over 2,000 roses in cream, peach, red and hot pink. We also used hydrangea, lilies, a flower called meet me at the garden gate and lots and lots of geranium foliage. The weddings were at The Ritz Carlton Laguna, Tivoli Terrace (where the famous Pageant of the Masters is held) and at a private residence on the beach. Please excuse my home-grown photos, I don’t claim to be a good photographer.

101_2691My sis and I.

101_2679Working hard.


101_2694The lobby flowers were so amazing.



101_2704Candy and our happy bride.

101_2713The unbelievable view from The Ritz.

101_2737This was a pretty centerpiece to make, I think it turned out beautiful if I might say so myself.



101_2745Kissing ball, so cute for flower girls.







101_2794The adorable bridesmaids.

101_2798Another gorgeous bride.

Thank you to my wonderful sister Candy, she has been a mentor to me for years and I am so thankful.

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Trendy Monday: Colored Shoes For The Bride

Ok, we’ve seen it enough now that we can officially call it a trend.


The first time I saw it was in a wedding I did last fall at The Royal Palms.

picture-71Look at her fantastic hot pink shoes.

photo credit: Rebecca Bouck Photography

picture-8This inspiration board came from the oh so famous blog Snippet and Ink this past Tuesday. Look at the adorable yellow shoes on the top, colored shoes for brides are everywhere!


photo credit: One Fine Day Photography

These fantastic shoes are from a wedding I did a couple of weeks ago. Check out my upcoming Real Wedding blogpost on Andrea and Antonio.

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Floral Friday: Viburnum

Hello and welcome to Floral Friday! Today I am talking about the beautiful green flower viburnum.

viburnum_snowballI continually get brides that confuse hydrangea and viburnum, they do look very much alike. Hydrangea has a much larger head and has larger leaves. Viburnum ( in the fresh cut industry) comes only in green, hydrangea comes in a multitude of colors.

Viburnum’s season starts in January and goes through spring. It’s on the expensive side but it doesn’t take much to add beauty to any arrangement. It’s a flower with woody stems so I was taught to smash the ends of the stem after cutting to ensure that the flower drinks properly.

viburnumbouquetCheck out this gorgeous bouquet from I love the mix with roses and stephanotis.


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Trendy Monday: Roses

Roses roses roses, when I first became a florist I said “I don’t want to be typical and use roses for weddings all of the time”. Over the years my love for roses have grown and I can now truly say that they are one of my favorite flowers to work with.


photo credit

There are so many different shapes, sizes and colors of roses. Almost all of the colors of the rainbow but blue and purple although there are roses that are died to be these colors but we won’t talk about those.

Here are some of my favorites-

picture-2Black Magic from Ecuador- this rose is really big, has a high petal count and is a velvety burgundy color.

picture-3 Polo- this rose is extremely large, has such a high petal count it looks like a cabbage rose when it’s fully open and is a gorgeous creamy white.

picture-41Cherry Brandy- the color of this rose is so amazing! It’s a bi-colored pink rose with a citrus/orange center. I have used this rose many times for bridal shows that I have done and people ask me time and time again if it’s real or artificial.

picture-51Ranuncula- the name of this rose is a little confusing because a ranuncula is actually another type of flower. They must have named it ranuncula because it sort of looks like one. I love to order this gorgeous rose from my favorite rose grower Eufloria.

At one time I really thought roses were overused but now that I’ve realized that there is such a wide variety out there it is so much fun to explore the world of roses.

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Floral Friday: Chocolate Cosmos


Cosmos Atrosanguineus

*Availability- June, July, August, September and October

*Colors- Burgundy (chocolate brownish)

*Characteristics- Small 1-2″ daisy-like blossoms with a textured center on thin, leafless 12-18″ stems.

*Meaning- Decadence; Modesty; Associated with 2nd wedding anniversary

Ah……..Chocolate Cosmos, truly the only flower in the world that really does smell like chocolate. I am so crazy about chocolate, I just had to have this flower for my wedding. The only problem, I got married at the end of November and it’s season ends around the beginning of October. I did think for a second that maybe we should change our wedding date, crazy huh?

chocolatecosmosbouquetCheck out this fantastic bouquet from Soulflowers of San Fransisco made with chocolate cosmos, calla lilies and feathers.

Chocolate cosmos is a relatively small and delicate flower that works so well alone or as an accent combined with other flowers.

chocolatecosmosminiHere it is alone from Country Living, cute idea for a junior bridesmaid or flower girl (love it mixed with pink).

wreathor here it is mixed in with dahlias and with lighter and brighter colors (it’s so fantastic with bright green). This photo is from one of my favorite floral blogs The Treasured Petal in California, her work is amazing.

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Real Weddings: Alyson and Dave

I had the pleasure of providing wedding flowers for Alyson this past spring season and what a sweetheart she was. The wedding took place at The McCormick Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale and what a beautiful day it was.

Her primary color was pink with accents of cream and green. We decided to do something different for her centerpieces and add limes underwater- how adorable! Enjoy the fantastic pictures taken by Jennifer at O Grace Photography, what a talent she and her photographers are.


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Trendy Monday: Trendsetting Photographers

Welcome to Trendy Monday. Today I thought I would share the result of me snooping around the web and finding some fantastic photographers. The pictures are of floral, of course, to give us all some wedding inspiration. Enjoy!

And check out the websites of these photographers, they are amazing and they might just be in your area.

picture-101Wow what a beautiful bouquet! This is from New Mexico.

trendphotographer1Check out these sweet pea cuties from photographer Melissa Jill in Arizona.

flowersandfoodI love this one because it has flowers AND food, what a great shot from Kate of Juxtapose Photography, she is so fun and sassy. Check out her blog, she’s got talent.

hotpinkandredbouquetThis bouquet is so yummy…….check out Taylor Grey Photography in Michigan.

picture-12Look at this adorable button hole and paisley tie photo from Kristi Sneddon Photography in Canada.

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